Monthly Archives: September 2016

8 Ways The World Didn’t Suck Today

Many, many times it feels like the world is on its last days. Bombings, Trump, police crisis. I won’t go on. But just when I’m about over it all, I’m reminded that there are some pretty amazing things happening concurrently with the despicable. Witness:

  1. Starbucks girl playing AMZY, one of my favorite local bands who I’m convinced will blow up any day now
  2. Deep dive into F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ellen Hopkins with Ben at Best Buy
  3. Free samples at Sephora
  4. Singing the new Andrew McMahon Song at the top of my lungs while driving
  5. Blue sky and 80 degrees in September
  6. Sparkly pink Chucks
  7. Best friends
  8. Looking for something profound for this last one, but going to have to settle for socks with cats on them