Resources for Writers

Dare to be dreadful, but write every day. My files include at least a half-dozen screenplays, three novels, untold first chapters and probably 2,000 pages of deleted scenes. It’s ugly. But oh so necessary.

Writers read. There was a time when I couldn’t read and write on the same day. Fortunately, those days are gone because reading is life. I also read to study the craft of a well told story. How else can you hope to create a brilliant first page? And a story that sucks the reader in from the first paragraph to the end? Reading allows you to see how it’s done. How many first pages have you read in your genre? I hope it’s hundreds.

The world needs your authentic voice. Even in fiction, especially in fiction, tell your truth. The universe rewards the brave.

Required Reading and Resources
The War on Art by Steven Pressfield. Brilliant.

On Writing by Stephen King. He’s a God. Listen to him.

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. She’s a writer’s writer. This book is like coming home. And hilarious.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Love, love her and this book.

Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. Natalie feeds your soul.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. A classic for a reason. Especially imperative if you’ve lost your way with your art.

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. Perfect if you know the work you want to do, but haven’t prioritized it into your life. Also useful for those who are afraid to get paid for their work. Essential if you’re going to keep doing the work.

Beautiful Writers podcast. Magical Linda Sivertsen. She interviews publishing peeps every month and you will love what they have to say.

Story by Robert McKee. Ready to master the nuances of storytelling? Listen to the audio version. Over and over and over.

The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry. Arielle and David are THE publishing coaches. Read this when you’re ready for publication.

Wired for Story by Lisa Cron. This is a game changing book that will help you understand the art of storytelling.