Monthly Archives: August 2018

Read This Book!

Holy shitake mushrooms you guys, I binged this book so hard I had to force myself to read the ending on a second night. Mostly because I wanted to prolong the awesome.

Astonishing doesn’t even begin to describe I Felt A Funeral in My Brain by Will Walton. This mashup of prose and poetry is a fearless rendering of addiction and loss through the heart and mind of Avery, a queer boy who turns to dead poets, and his own writing, to explore everything he’s feeling. Brilliant.

A few of my favorite lines:

I’m living inside today’s bright edges.

I want to believe in something bigger.

But it’s been a good cat summer.

I mean…dang. This makes me want to be a better writer.

But mostly, this is just a beautiful book. That you must read. Right now.